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It is our goal to help you spend more time on what matters to you most.

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We understand that cleaning and maintaining your home can be extremely time consuming; often forcing you to choose between what needs to get done and what you love to do.

Our methods combine new, innovative approaches with time-tested traditions and a little bit of old-fashioned elbow grease. Whether your house needs a spring cleaning, you’re moving, or are simply looking for regular maid services, Maid In Alberta’s cleaning services is here to help!



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A little about Maid In Alberta

“I learned my meticulous cleaning skills from my mother who owned a cleaning company while my sister and I were growing up. She taught us to treat her clients homes as if they were an extension of ourselves; I loved the feeling of knowing we had done a great job! It was this feeling that enticed me to open up Maid In Alberta in 2007.

With just myself and 3 referrals from my moms clients from 15 years prior we have now grown to over 160 clients in Edmonton, St Albert, Sherwood Park and Parkland County.”

Melissa Johnson

Maid In Alberta Car

Melissa Johnson

Founder of Maid In Albeta

Melissa opened up Maid In Alberta in 2007. With just herself and 3 referrals, Maid In Alberta has now grown to over 160 clients in Edmonton, St Albert, Sherwood Park and Parkland County.

Tiffany Bowie (Bee)

General Manager

Tiffany Bowie has been with Maid In Alberta since 2012 and has become an indispensable managing member of the team.  Maid In Alberta would not be where it is today with out her!

Matthew Johnson

Marketing / Design

Matthew has been with Maid In Alberta since the beginning; he wears the creative hat for Maid In Alberta.  Matthew is in charge of marketing, advertising, design and web design.

Come and Join Maid In Alberta


Even though Maid In Alberta enjoys having over 15 employees, we are always looking for meticulous, reliable people to join our hardworking talented team, and help Maid In Alberta grow.

All you need is a great attitude, a reliable vehicle, a smart phone with full data and no criminal record!  


Here is a list of common questions. If you still have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more then happy to answer them for you.

Yes, we bring everything we need to every client. We prefer to use your vacuum but have our own just in case!

At Maid In Alberta, we make and use our own environmental cleaning products we call MIA Essentials. These are all-natural cleaning products designed to help you avoid health risks and maintain a safe and chemical-free environment for yourself, children and pets. Using natural ingredients and organic complex blends of essential oils, our cleaners are highly effective at fighting dirt and stains on a variety of surfaces.

Maid In Alberta does not require you to be home while we are cleaning. We like to have the home to ourselves so that we can truly “command” the home and give it our personal touch; however, this is not mandatory. If you are not home we will need to arrange access to your home.

Maid In Alberta tries to send the same cleaner to your home each time. If your regular cleaner is sick or away we will provide another cleaner for your home.

We generally charge per contract; this price is set for your home depending on the package and detail you choose. The consultation will set this cost for you, GST will be added on to each service separately. This allows you to have the full potential in every clean. We do have an hourly rate of $50.00 if you prefer.

YES! each of the packages are outlines only. If there are items you feel need to be added or subtracted we can absolutely discuss your needs and create a customized package just for you!

We accept a Cheque, Cash, E-transfer or MasterCard and Visa

Yes, our minimum charge is $110 + GST

Each employee is completely insured and bonded, covered under WCB and has a police security clearance. Copies of these forms are available upon request.

We prefer to be able to come to your home and meet with you to discuss your needs prior to your cleaning services. The consultation only takes 10 to 15 minutes and there is no cost or obligation to you what so ever! However, an hourly rate of $50.00 per cleaner is also available.

The only thing we ask is that any “clutter” on the floor is picked up. This will ensure that we spend more time thoroughly cleaning your home.

Maid In Alberta strives to keep competitive cleaning rates; we raise our rates only when absolutely needed. In the event that your rates need to be raised you will be given a minimum of one months notice.

If there are any concerns with your cleaning services, please contact us with in 24 hours of your cleaning services and we will send your cleaner (or a supervisor) to touch up the problem areas. We maintain a very high standard and understand that without our valued clients there would be no Maid In Alberta!

We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Should you need to cancel your cleaning, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice. Should 24 hours notice not be provided, there is a $50.00 + GST cancellation fee.

During the holiday seasons, the cancellation fee is increased to require a minimum of 48 hours notice and is subject to a $75.00 + GST cancellation fee. These dates are constantly changing and coincide with the holidays scheduled.

Maid In Alberta does not have a contract to sign; we pride ourselves with having great personal relationships with our clients. In the event that you would like to cancel our services we ask for a weeks notice but understand if this is not feasible.

Each employee is completely insured and bonded, covered under WCB and has a police security clearance. Copies of these forms are available upon request.

GIVE US A CALL AT 780.868.2910


Our Organic Cleaning Products Infused with Essential Oils

MIA Essentials

Maid In Alberta would like to present to you something that has been Missing In Action. As you may know, we use natural and chemical-free supplies in all cleaning. These products do a fantastic job, and leave your home looking great. Unfortunately, they do not contain any fragrance. This is what has been Missing In Action, a great smelling Home and Office!

With that, we set out on a mission to find ways to help you get the experience you deserve. The answer is in our new exclusive ‘Mia Essentials’ line of essential oil infused cleaning products.

Essential Oils are the highly concentrated, aromatic essences of plants. The variety of oils are extensive, therefore we have chosen these products that we will be using in your homes.



One of our favorite essential oils to use for cleaning is lemon oil.
Not only does it have a fresh, clean scent, but it is also antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. 
Peppermint Odour


Peppermint is one of the most useful and beloved essential oils.
Refreshing, cooling, uplifting, and restoring.



Lavender is one of the most versatile and widely used essential oils.
Adored for its beauty and prized aromatic quality, the aroma is fresh, sweet, soft, and floral.